We hire top talents

Tekarsh believes in dynamics and diversity. We evolve with the world we live in, from point origin to a forever expanding universe. Challenges induce growth, so do we. We look beyond the problem to recognize the underlying challenge as we live and breathe. So if you are looking forward to experiencing excellence with programmatic marvel, welcome aboard! Our divergent development team strives for a comprehensive programmatic approach to bring forward innovation rather than just a chip in a solution. Our goal is to win the challenge, not entertain a problem. We treasure our enthusiastic ethos in the pursuit of perfection. In the radical world of computation, we cherish progress on a daily basis. Our technical depth is therefore not limited by object oriented programming, scripting language, cross platform technologies, cloud services, web and mobile application services, database services only. Java, C#, Angular.js, React.js, Android, Flutter, React Native, Relational and Non-relational DBMS, AWS, Python are some of the platforms that our specialized teams handle everyday. Machine learning and Data Science are our latest frontiers. We are anticipating more is on the way. If you feel you have an idea that can make the world for the better, welcome to Tekarsh!